Work Councils

Work councils have to deal with the industrial constitution law (Betriebsverfassungsrecht), a field of law with which even attorneys might not be familiar. Therefore, work councils cannot


be expected to have the necessary knowledge and expertise to apply that law to on site situations. Thus, those work councils are profoundly advantaged that learned to delegate work to a specialist in labor and employment law, and, therefore, have a trustworthy source of expertise on arising problems in the company.

The variety of topics for work councils to work on is impressive:

  • There are internal agreements to be drafted and negotiated.
  • There are legal claims to information or participation to be enforced.
  • There are strategic decisions to be made with respect to a legally secure and at the same time intelligent problem solving.

Wiltrud Fromm is a specialist in labor and employment law since 1994. She trains work councils in industrial constitution law since 1992 and has a deep knowledge and understanding of the constantly changing problems with which work councils are confronted.

Work councils can expect support ranging from short spontaneous counseling on the phone to long elaborate negotiations to sign internal agreements or social plans. The contact is unbureaucratic, fast and trustful. The legal counseling is of highest quality yet focusing on the individual situation and goal.