For Businesses

You are running a business and look for immediate support either on site or in court to resolve problems with your employees or your work council? Or do you look for strategic counseling to be prepared for future challenges?

For Employees

You are an employee having a problem rooted in labor and employment law looking for fast professional support that not only focuses on the legal facts but also on your personal goals and needs? Or do you not have any such problem but want to prevent it and, therefore, look for comprehensive counseling?

For Work Councils

You are a work council and need expertise out of court and/or a representation in court in order to pursue your rights effectively?

Attorney at Law Hamburg

You look for a setting in which you have easy access to highest level legal guidance and support – not restricted to labor and employment law – for every question to be answered and every problem to be solved?

Then contact Wiltrud Fromm, LL.M., attorney at law, with complete confidence.

You will find a committed, competent and experienced counselor who knows how to achieve the optimal outcome for you – both out of court and in court. Since Wiltrud Fromm, LL.M., attorney at law, is an associate partner with the law firm WEILAND RECHTSANWÄLTE, you will also have easy access to attorneys in every field of law at every opportunity.